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Crown Royal Gifts
Crown Royal Gifts

About two years ago I started sewing Crown Royal quilts and pillows.  My father works for a bar in a large casino in Biloxi MS, and over time he had collected 200 plus bags.  One evening my father asked me if I could create a quilt out of them.

I gave the idea a great amount of thought and one day while thumbing thru my stash of quilting books I came across a pattern for a quilt with purple and gold stripes.

That was my inspiration on how to custom sew a quilt out of Crown Royal bags.  Now purple is not my favorite color so naturally I had my doubts. The pattern was perfect for the bags and the quilt was beautiful when I finished it.
I had the idea of making pillows and gave them out for Christmas one year to my friends and family.  It turned out to be one of the best Christmas presents, because I started receiving calls to make more pillows and custom quilts.
After filling the orders for my friends and family, I then began selling my handmade Crown Royal products on Ebay and have successfully sold over two hundred and thirty five Crown Royal items.
I now receive calls to make custom pillows, quilts, car covers, golf club covers, ties, and more.  I have a one hundred percent feedback rating on Ebay and will and have shipped my products all over the world internationally.
If you would like to purchase one of my items or would like a custom order filled please email me for additional details.  All my products are made with authentic Crown Royal bags.

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